Visiting Anglesea And Point Roadknight

Anglesea isn’t the most glamorous of Victorian beach towns. It doesn’t have the exclusive vibe of Portsea, the latte community of Sorrento, the surf cred of Torquay or the excitement of Lorne. What it does have it absolutely stunning natural surroundings and a peaceful and friendly community.

I visit the Great Ocean Road’s Anglesea several times a year, and for some reason I’m only ever there when it’s cold or raining. In fact during my entire lifetime of visiting the Victorian coast I can only remember a handful of occasions where it was actually hot!

When in Anglesea you should make time to stop for lunch at McGain’s Nursery and Food Store. Fresh and delicious food in beautiful garden surroundings. An excellent mid-morning, brunch or mid-afternoon coffee spot as well!

Mcgain's Nursery Anglesea

The photos below were taken at Point Roadknight beach. This sheltered beach is a family favourite, and in summer there’s a kiosk selling ice creams and snacks. There’s usually a bunch of old-timers fishing from the rocks, which are great for exploring.

Point Roadknight beach Anglesea Point Roadknight beach Anglesea Point Roadknight beach Anglesea Point Roadknight beach Anglesea

I also like walking across the bridges and secret pathways around the Anglesea River. I’m kind of obsessed with the pirate playground.

anglesea pirate playground anglesea river anglesea river


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