Tulum Is The Best Place In Mexico

Tulum is my favourite part of Mexico. We stayed there for four nights, and I could have stayed longer.

We drove from Playa Del Carmen, which took about an hour and a half. Driving in Mexico isn’t too scary, there can be some crazy roads but the drivers aren’t that aggressive.

We arrived at Posada Punta Piedra and were immediately happy with our choice. The hotel zone in Tulum is a long stretch of beach with hotels all the way along which stretches for several kilometers. Posada Punta Piedra was right at the start of the beach, and there were a lot of restaurants in walking distance. Like most of the hotels it was made up of small huts, which were rustic but comfortable. The beach behind the hotel was pretty small, and wasn’t totally connected to the long sandy stretches of Tulum beach you might see in photos. But it was only accessible by a few small hotels and it was always quiet.

tulum posada punta piedra

tulum posada punta piedra beach

Most of our time in Tulum was sent relaxing, but we went out on three “activities” while we were there.

The Tulum Archaeological Site is a must visit. This is the famous temple located on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. We drove there and parked in the carpark, and then walked to the entrance past all the touts selling the usual range of souvenirs. It’s a very well run venue, but there is quite a bit of walking involved to get to the actual temple. When the sun is out it’s extremely hot walking around between the ruins.  But the views are unbeatable and there’s a beach to swim in if it all gets too much. However since I had been at Tikal just a week before I wasn’t as impressed as I would have probably been if this was my first Mayan ruin!

tulum temple

tulum_06 tulum_05

We also drove down to a look out located past all the hotels in an area that I think is a national park of some kind. The look out is on top of a restaurant, and it offers views of the whole area which were spectacular.

tulum_04 tulum_03

But my favourite activity was snorkelling in Akumal! This little town is about thirty minutes drive from Tulum, and it has an extremely popular beach. Why? Because you can literally step off the sand and snorkel for a few minutes and find sea turtles! The water is really calm, the beach is safe and there are turtles and other sea creatures everywhere.

I could have stayed in Tulum for weeks, but we had a big adventure coming up next: Chichen Itza.

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